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Blurry Vision Treatment at Brook Run Vision Center with our Richmond Optometrist

Sometimes things move so quickly that all you see of them is a blur. But when everyday objects, even stationary ones, begin to appear blurry, it may be time to get your eyes checked at Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond. We can diagnose the cause of that blurriness and prescribe the right corrective measures to bring visual clarity back into your life.

Eyeglasses and an eyechartConditions That Can Blurry Vision

An astonishingly wide range of conditions and problems can blur vision either temporary or permanently. Many of them are as harmless as momentary speck of dust, pollen, or mucous in the eye. Extended periods of intense focus can also fatigue the small muscles that keep the lens of the eye in focus, resulting in blurry vision that goes away once the eyes are rested. (Computer vision syndrome is an example.)

Other causes of eye blurriness are related to refractive errors -- abnormalities in the way the eyes receive incoming light. The eyeball may be too long (causing nearsightedness) or too short (causing farsightedness), or the cornea may have an irregular curvature (causing astigmatism). As you get older, your lens may become too stiff for its muscles to re-focus it easily; this refractive error, presbyopia, may leave you both nearsighted and farsighted.

Some blurred vision is caused by a medical issue that requires prompt attention. Examples include dry eye (which can promote corneal damage), eye or brain injuries, cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. It's worth noting that some of the eye conditions that cause blurred vision may also continue to cause irreparable damage until they're brought under control. That's why you don't want to put off diagnosis of any unexpected, unusual blurriness.

Diagnosis and Treatment at Our Richmond Optometry Clinic

Our Brook Run Vision Center can help solve the mystery of your blurry vision and find ways to get you seeing more clearly. Refractive errors can usually be corrected quite well through eyeglasses or contact lenses, although some cases may require specialized lenses instead of ordinary soft contacts. (A corneal irregularity called keratoconus, which commonly causes astigmatism, responds well to scleral lenses.) LASIK surgery is another option; we can co-manage this procedure to ensure its success. Our clinic can prescribe remedies for dry eye, administer emergency eye care, and administer treatment for progressive eye diseases to curb their progress.

Don't Settle for Blurry Vision -- Contact Brook Run Vision Center for Help

You don't have to settle for blurry vision as your "new normal." Clear up that frustrating problem by visiting Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond, VA for the diagnosis and treatment you need. Call (804)-264-2956 today to schedule an eye and vision evaluation! We are located at 5644 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23227.

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