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Contact Lens Fitting in Richmond, VA

Contacts lenses are a way to discretely correct your vision. Many options exist including special contacts for people who have hard-to-fit prescriptions. At Brook Run Vision Center, serving Richmond, VA and the surrounding area, our Richmond Optometrist performs eye examination and contact fittings, so you find an ideal prescription that allows you to see clearly, comfortably.

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Contact Lenses Examination in Richmond

The first part of your contact lenses appointment will include our optometrist testing your visual acuity through a series of tests. You'll have to read letters of varying sizes on our machine, and from the answers you provide, our optometrist will determine your prescription. We'll also test your vision for any conditions such as astigmatism.

Contact Lenses Fitting

The next step of a contact lens visit is to fit you for the proper size lenses because improperly fitting lenses may cause your vision to appear blurry. Improperly fitting lenses could move in your eyes or feel uncomfortable. In some cases, if the contacts don't fit correctly, they could do damage to your eyes. During the fitting portion of your appointment, the optometrist will use a specialized machine that takes measurements of your eye.

Measuring the corneal curvature is one aspect of your appointment that the doctor will evaluate. The eye doctor uses a keratometer to conduct this aspect of the fitting. For patients who have astigmatism, a refractive error caused by the cornea not being perfectly round, will have an additional measurement to take into account the irregular shape of the eye. Depending on the severity of astigmatism, our optometrist may prescribe toric lenses, which are a type of contact specifically made for people with astigmatism. Sometimes, our optometrist will conduct cornea mapping, more commonly known as corneal topography, a more detailed approach to measuring the cornea.

Pupil and Iris Sizing

In addition to measuring the cornea, our optometrist in Richmond may also measure the size of your pupil. This part of your eye is the black portion located in the center of your eye. Additionally, our eye doctor might measure your iris, which is the colored region on your eye. Our eye doctor will use a biomicroscope or slit lamp to take these measurements. These measurements are vital when we measure you for gas permeable lenses.

Follow-up Exam

After we size you for your contacts, we'll try to find your prescription in the stock we have in the office. For hard-to-fit prescriptions, an order will be made and we will either have them shipped or have you pick them up in our office. Once you have them, you might notice when you put them in, your vision will look blurry. You might even feel slightly nauseous at first. Your eyes will need time to adjust to your new prescription. We advise you to wear them for a week and see how they feel. After the week, you can call or come into our office, and we'll resize you if necessary.

Visit Our Richmond Optometrist for a Contact Lens Fitting

To schedule an appointment for a contact lens examination and fitting, contact our Brook Run Vision Center, serving Richmond, VA and the surrounding area, at (804)-264-2956.

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