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Designer Prescription Eyeglasses in Richmond

There is no need for prescription eyeglasses to be dull and boring just because they're meant to do more than look pretty. In fact, there are as many options for designer prescription glasses as there are for sunglasses. This is because designers produce a wide variety of frames, and many of them are interchangeable when it comes to purpose. Here are a few of the options available for great-looking prescription eyeglasses:

Teens wearing their new designer frames.

Sunglasses Frames

If you want to be as fashion-forward as possible, simply choose some eye-catching sunglasses frames and have your prescription lenses put into them. There is no need to actually add a tint to the lenses to use them with these frames. They simply need to be able to hold a lens that's thick enough for your prescription, and most sunglasses frames are indeed able to do this.

Everyday Wear

While it may be nice to wear the latest designer frame styles, it isn't always fitting in the workplace. Therefore, many designers make more-subdued styles for this and similar situations. These frames are modern and look great, but fit well with subdued, professional environments. Everyday wear designer frames are all made to hold prescription lenses, and light weights are the norm.

Transitions Lenses

These are great for pairing with eyeglasses frames. Outdoors, they darken to make your eyeglasses into a pair of sunglasses. Inside, or in a car, they lighten all the way to clear. This makes it so you always have the perfect amount of tint or clarity for your situation. They can also be used with everyday glasses. Many people love these since they eliminate the need for separate pairs of glasses for sun and shade.

Here at Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond, VA, you never have to worry about finding a great selection of designer frames for your prescription lenses. We have entire walls covered with excellent options just waiting for you.

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