Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment in Richmond

Dry eyes are more than a nuisance. If your condition does not ease with home treatment, make an appointment with one of our eye doctors at Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond. We can help identify the cause of your condition and treat the root of the problem, helping you to achieve long-lasting relief from your irritated, dry and red eyes.

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What Are Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes may be an occasional response to dry, windy conditions that quickly evaporate your tears. You may even experience this condition from working on the computer too long or not getting enough sleep. Usually, mild cases of dry eyes get better by using over-the-counter artificial tears for a short while. However, if you find yourself using these products daily or if they do not ease the irritation in your eyes, you need to make an appointment to see an optometrist.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Your eyes feel dry because your tears fail to lubricate them properly. Tears are made of more than just water. In fact, if you don't have enough oil in your tears, they will evaporate too fast to ease your eyes' dryness. For some people, dry eyes happen when your body does not produce enough tears. A lack of tears often happens naturally with aging, as a side effect of medication or from a medical condition. Without enough lubrication, your eyes are more susceptible to infections, inflammation, and damage.

Dry Eye Treatment

Treating dry eyes goes beyond just giving you a replacement formula for tears. An optometrist will examine you and your tears to find clues to the cause of your problem. If your tears don't have enough oil in them to prevent rapid evaporation, you may need a treatment to unblock the oil glands in your eyes. Though you would think blocking your tear ducts would be counterintuitive, duct plugs can keep the tears on your eyes longer, which reduces dry eye. Special contacts, massages, and prescription medications are other ways you could get relief from your chronically dry eyes.

Visit Us for Dry Eye Relief in Richmond

Whether you wear glasses, contacts or have perfect vision, you still need an optometrist's help for your dry eyes. A visit to an eye doctor does more than check your vision, we can help you get the dry eye treatment you need to stop your reliance on over-the-counter artificial tears and ease your discomfort. To get started on your treatment, contact us at Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond for an appointment. Our phone number to talk to our office staff is (804)-264-2956. However, we also offer an online appointment request form to fill out if you need to make the request outside our office hours. We're open Mondays through Fridays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Come see us to finally find a way to stop your chronic dry eye problem.

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