Eye Emergency

Eye Emergency Treatment in Richmond

When an eye emergency strikes, Brook Run Vision Center is here to provide quality care in our state-of-the-art office. Eye emergency treatment in Richmond starts with an evaluation using the latest equipment to see deep into your eye for a thorough examination. We administer the proper treatment including numbing the eye for immediate pain relief.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has an eye emergency, contact us right away at (804)-264-2956.

woman with an eye emergency in Richmond

Eye Injury Emergency in Richmond

Whether from a fly ball, a fist or a freak accident, hard contact with another object is a common eye injury emergency in Richmond. Even if the result of the contact is only bruising and swelling typical of a black eye, it is important to be examined to rule out internal damage. Traumatic iris where the colored part of the iris becomes inflamed should also be promptly evaluated.

Always seek care when you have bleeding of any type in the eye, including a subconjunctival hemorrhage from a broken blood vessel in the white part of the eye and the more serious emergency of hyphema bleeding between the cornea and iris.

Foreign Objects and Scratched Eye Emergencies

Foreign objects and scratched eye emergencies can be as small as a speck of dust blown into the eye by the wind or as big as fishing hook in the eye. If you have a foreign object in your eye, don't panic or attempt to remove the object as doing so can cause further damage and introduce bacteria. Simply close your eye or loosely tape a clean paper cup over the eye and seek immediate care. In addition to safely and gently removing the object, we will check for infection and prescribe antibiotics as necessary.

Optometrist Chemical Burn Eye Care

You do not have to work with dangerous chemicals to be in danger of a chemical accident in the eye. Unfortunately, aerosol sprays and even those fun foam parties have caused patients to seek optometrist chemical burn eye care. For immediate treatment, turn on a faucet of barely warm water and run your head under the stream of water for 15 minutes. Call us for further instructions. The exact treatment will depend on the type of chemical substance. Some chemical contact will only cause redness and irritation while other chemical burns will cause blindness without professional treatment.

Eye Emergency Symptoms

Sometimes eye problems occur seemingly out of nowhere. Eye emergencies, like sudden vision loss, swelling and bleeding require immediate care in the emergency room. Seek our care for eye emergency symptoms including:

  • one eye bulging, moving differently, or with a different pupil size
  • pain, redness or irritation
  • changes in sight including blurred and decreased vision

Do You Need Emergency Eye Treatment in Richmond?

For emergency care, contact our Brook Run Vision Center at (804)-264-2956. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 5644 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA, 23227.

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