What is Glaucoma in Richmond?

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that can potentially lead to blindness without proper treatment. Fortunately, at Brook Run Vision Center our optometrist checks for signs of glaucoma during regular comprehensive eye exams, which can identify early signs of the disease before symptoms, become obvious to the patient. The bad news is that glaucoma related damage is irreversible, so any vision loss already sustained is permanent.

man getting a glaucoma evaluation in Richmond

Types of Glaucoma

There are several different types of glaucoma, but the most common type, open angle glaucoma is the hardest to notice. With this type of glaucoma the eye's ability to properly drain decreases with age, and canals become blocked. This in turn increases eye pressure. When vision loss begins, it starts worth the peripheral or side vision, sneaking up on a person very gradually, and causing quite a bit of damage before it is noticed.

Who Gets Glaucoma?

Anyone can get glaucoma, and most people will not notice it until the disease has advanced. It is estimated that only about half the people who have glaucoma know it. That is one reason why getting eye exams are important, even if you aren't experiencing vision changes.

There are some people who are more susceptible to the disease, some of these include

  • Those with a family history of glaucoma
  • African Americans,
  • Asians,
  • Hispanics
  • Those over 60
  • History of an eye injury, which can damage eye's drainage system
  • High myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Hypertension
  • Thin corneas

Anyone who is considered high risk should have a complete eye exam, including eye dilation, every one to two years.

Treating Glaucoma

If you already have glaucoma diagnosis, consistent treatment is important to prevent the disease from progressing. A comprehensive eye exam from Dr. Daniel Gray at Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond, VA includes eye functioning tests, which includes peripheral vision, as well as tests to evaluate overall eye health including measuring eye pressure to help diagnose glaucoma. If glaucoma is found, several treatment options will be considered including eye drops, pills, or surgery.

Before deciding on treatment, it is important to reveal any medications you already take, since both drops and pills might be absorbed into the blood stream. Surgical options could include either laser surgery or traditional surgery that will take pressure off the eye.

Receive Glaucoma Treatment with a Richmond Optometrist

To learn more about your personal risk for glaucoma, or to discuss what treatment options are best for you, contact Brook Run Vision Center in Richmond, VA at (804)-264-2956 to schedule an appointment.

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